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Posted on 18/06/2021 in Category 1

Check the North Devon Tide Times

Check the North Devon Tide Times

The North Devon Coastline is the most beautiful in the Uk (we may be biased) 

From Ilfracombe to Instow, we have a stunning natural coastline that tourists & locals flock to all year through to enjoy. The tide times are an important guide to getting the most out of our environment but also staying safe which is why we all should check them before we leave the house. Knowing when the tide is out, gives us the added benefit of more beach to enjoy and practice social distancing. 

Fisherman, RNLI and other coastal workers' trade heavily rely on knowing when high tide or low occur and in some cases can be paramount to saving lives at sea. Surfing is hugely popularar here in North Devon, especially at Croyde, Putsborough, Woolacombe and Saunton. If you fancy learning this fun life skill, then knowing the tide times and how clean and high the waves are can guide you to the best beach spots with the biggest surf.

As a nation of dog lovers, thousands of us take our best friends along the golden coast to indulge in golden sands and cool waves. Knowing when the tide is at its highest, gives a great indication of how much space you will have to really let those four paws run ragged or swim senseless! Also, if your dog is nervous and needs more space away from other dogs, children or adults then head out when the tide is out to give them that extra room.

Lastly, if you head to a smaller cove such as Lee, Hele or even Lynton knowing when the tide is on its way in will ensure that you don’t get cut off by it and stuck. This has caught many people out of all ages and can lead to some worrying consequences. 

Also, keep an eye out for Spring tides which are abnormally high and can even flood over beach walls and shut roads off. This has been known to happen fairly frequently at Instow which can contribute to road diversions. To check the tide times locally, Visit: Devon Tide Times

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