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North Devon Now Reviews: The Mousetrap

North Devon Now Reviews: The Mousetrap

I could not take my eyes off the stage!

The Mousetrap does not disappoint! This year's (and every year since 1952) must-see show has arrived from The West End at The Queen's Theatre Barnstaple shrouded in mystery and murder. The longest-running show set our expectations high with such an accolade and easily surpasses them with its fast-paced revelations that keep you guessing. Flipping from "it's definitely him" to "actually it's probably her" and then, still getting it wrong, this super sleuth testing production is unbelievably gripping and keeping audiences coming back for more. 

After being invited to check out the opening night of their 6-day run, I  was frozen to my seat with nervous fear. As the cast enter the set from a blizzard which is clearly visible and accurately audible, the scene quickly sucks you in as the story of murder unfolds. Things turn more sinister as the snowdrift cuts off all the residents at the guest house and we learn phone lines and communication have recently been cut off. Aware that there will/may be more murders the audience will want to follow every line for clues as the people involved are not all quick to give much away. 

The actors were very polished in their roles and their experience helped the flawless performance flourish. Every person was enthralling with the encapsulation of their character and I can honestly say I was hooked. Not once did I take my eyes off the stage. I counted along, I held my breath and I am pretty sure I couldn't hear my heartbeat at times but wow what a show. 

 Obviously, we won't spoil it as keeping the secret ensures more audiences can keep enjoying this successful show however we will say, suspect everyone! Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap will continue for a long time yet especially as the cast all brought spectacular performances to the theatre. So if you are ready to be gripped, thrilled, enthralled and a little bit tense, make sure you head along to see The Mousetrap at The Queens Theatre between 30th of July and the 3rd of August - It's devilishly good.

Hazel Knight - North Devon Now

Tickets are available here:  or call the box office on 01271 316523.

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