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The Best Kids Review: Madagascar

The Best Kids Review: Madagascar

Madagascar The Musical had it's opening night at The Queens Theatre Barnstaple Last night and we wanted an honest review of it, so we sent some children who alway's tell the truth (Well Father Christmas is always watching!)

Meet Ollie B and Ollie P!

We asked them what they thought of Madagascar to give you the inside scoop!

Oliver P - You have just seen Madagascar, How was it? "It was great, very funny. There was lots of lights and colour and it was loud."
What was your favourite part? 
Ollie B - " I loved the Penguins, they sounded exactly the same as in the movie "Smile and Wave Boys, Smile and Wave! They were really funny"
Ollie P - "Well there were lots of different parts I liked, I think my favourite two parts were when the penguins met the captain and knocked him out and the granny on stage. My other favourite bit was every single bit including King Julien.
So who was your favourite character? 
Ollie B - " My favourite characters were definitely the Penguins!"
Ollie P - "I think my favourite character was King Julien!"
What would you give it out of 10?
Ollie B - "16"
Ollie P - "11 teen million?!"

What age would you recommend to go and see it? 

Oliver P - "I would recommend any age as long as the minimum is about 3 and then the maximum is Infinity

and finally did you move it, move it? Both (Very Loudly) - "YES"

They then decided to dance around swishing there lemur tails! I can confirm that they really enjoyed the show which is brilliantly vibrant and the singing is incredible. So if you need some half term fun it definitely comes highly recommended.

Picture - (Left - Ollie B 10. Right Ollie P 11)

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