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You will jump, but maybe to the wrong conclusion!

You will jump, but maybe to the wrong conclusion!

Public safety announcement: The Lady Vanishes is so shocking it should come with a health warning! 

We were lucky enough to head to the opening night of the Lady Vanishes at the Queen's Theatre Barnstaple. However even after several theories (of which I was convinced were true) and failed attempts to guess "who done it" I still couldn't have fathomed the outcome. It was even more surprising than this week's Line Of Duty!

Without giving away any spoilers, this brilliant performance of the inspired Hitchcock classic and showcased by an all-star cast from the Classic Thriller theatre company has cracked the art of drawing you in slowly to the edge of your seat before making you jump out of it and very nearly into the seat of the theatre goer beside you (I'm very sorry to Levi from #tuckertimes)

Set in Austria, and predominantly on a train, the plot follows a young woman - Iris whose travelling companion mysteriously vanishes. When other passengers deny seeing her you as an audience member question what is real and that is pivotal to any mystery thriller. As the story unfolds it twists and turns becoming much faster paced with an urgency that has you gripped to all the drama. Even though I was tempted to watch most of it through my fingers as half of me was petrified and the other half didn't want to miss a thing, I am so glad I saw it. 

Congrats to all the brilliant cast who worked their socks off to bring all the beauty of live theatre straight from the stage and have it transcend throughout the entire Queens Theatre auditorium. 

Hazel Knight - North Devon Now

Finally if you have ever wanted to see a fantastic west end quality theatre production, make sure you see this.  It really is SHOCKINGLY good.

It is on until Saturday evening, tickets are available here: or call the box office on 01271 316523.


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